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TASL Learning Coach Application

We are currently accepting applications for this position.

A Learning Coach (LC) is a student who facilitates small-group discussion (TASL) workshops with CHEM 1251 students. LCs must be knowledgeable about the subject matter, as demonstrated by successful completion of CHEM 1251 and subsequent chemistry courses, and must be committed to a training program that will provide best practices in science learning, teaching, and pedagogy.

Students who have completed CHEM 1251 and CHEM 1252 successfully are preferred for LC positions, but those who have completed only CHEM 1251 and who possess strong personal skills and a demonstrated mastery of CHEM 1251 concepts are invited to apply.

The following are requirements of the LC position if you are hired:

  1. Enroll in CHEM 4095: Topics for Teachers (1 credit) and implement the theory and strategies of small-group collaborative learning that you will learn in this course as you lead the small-group discussion sessions for CHEM 1251. The weekly meeting time for CHEM 4095 is found in the schedule. You must have this time available in your schedule to attend CHEM 4095 and are expected to attend every meeting. If you are selected as a Learning Coach, you will receive authorization to register for CHEM 4095.
  2. Facilitate small-group collaborative learning for two, 75-minute TASL workshops per week of approximately 15-20 students per workshop.*
  3. Complete responsibilities of grading, preparative, and administrative tasks associated with  CHEM 1251 that, combined with 2 above, will total 4 hours per week on average.. You are expected to grade TASL Assignments each week and return them to your students in the following week. You are also expected to submit your gradebooks for uploading promptly at specified times during the semester.*
  4. Complete your monthly timesheet in your Banner Self Service prior to the last business day of each month. If you do not complete your electronic timesheet and submit it, you will not be paid for that month.
  5. If possible, attend a preliminary training session (day/time/location TBA).

*The LC position is a paid position for the time that you will be preparing for and facilitiating small-group discussions workshops and grading papers.

By completing this application you are agreeing that you are aware of the above requirements.

List all chemistry courses taken or currently registered for and the grade earned in each course. Please list the professor you had for the course if it was at UNC Charlotte or the institution if you transferred the course. When listing coursework, please include the course number and title. When listing the grade for the course, use IP if you are currently registered.
What is your intended future career, and how will teaching experience benefit you in that career?
What purpose and benefits does a small-group problem session like TASL offer, especially beyond an instructor-let problem session? What do you hope to gain, personally, from being a Learning Coach?
Reflect upon the classes, from college or high school, in which you did well. How would you describe the difference between teaching and learning in general, and which was more important for your success in these classes? Which aspects of the teaching did you enjoy and how do you feel you could apply these to a small group environment for your students?
Describe an experience (a course, a sport, a cultural event, volunteering, etc.) where you entered with a negative attitude because that experience was not originally your choice. If your attitude improved, what sparked that change? If your attitude did not improve, how did you get through that experience, and what insight did you gain from the experience?
How important do you feel it is that you, as an LC, know the topics, and to what degree?
Consider the following aspects of teaching: punctuality/responsibility, content knowledge, presentation style, attitude, professionalism, and rapport with students. Pick the top three most important of these, rank those three, and discuss why those are the most important aspects of a teacher to you.
Please list two UNCC references. One must be in Chemistry. It is preferred that the second be in a math or science department.