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Spring Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

We are not currently accepting applications for the spring semester.

This application is for all spring Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) positions other than the TASL Learning Coach (LC) position. If you wish to apply for a TASL LC position, please use the TASL Learning Coach application. You can apply for multiple positions in the Department of Chemistry.

The UTA positions fulfill a variety of needs within the department. The responsibilities of the UTAs varies from grading exams and assignments to assisting the instructor with help sessions or lab courses. Students must be knowledgeable about the subject matter in the course as demonstrated by successful completion of the course in which they are assisting in.

The following are requirements of the UTA position if you are hired:

1. Enrolled as a student at UNC Charlotte

2. Complete responsibilities of grading, preparative, and/or administrative tasks as needed, totalling 5-10 hours per week on average.*

*The Undergraduate TA position is a paid position for the time that you will be completing work assoiated with the course in which you are hired to assist.

3. Some positions require attendance of the course. For example, if you are a UTA for a lab or need to proctor exams.

4. Must have earned an A or B in the course for which you are a UTA.

Types of positions available:

Grader: Assists in grading exams, homework assignments or quizzes.

Proctor: Assists in organizing, distributing, and collecting exam materials as well as monitoring students during exams.

Peer Leader: Assists with CHEM 1252 and leads problem solving sessions.

Lab Assistant: Attends assigned lab and assists in preparation and execution of lab assignments and other activities.


By completing this application you are agreeing that you are aware of the above requirements.