Financial Support

Most students in the Chemistry Master's program at UNC Charlotte are supported with teaching assistantships (currently $15,180 for nine months) or with research assistantships paid from grants (stipends vary).

Most TAs also receive in-state tuition and fees support in the form of a Thomas D. Walsh tuition fellowship. Out-of-state tuition support is generally available to qualified students through non-resident tuition differentials from the Graduate School. (US citizens or permanent residents are expected to establish NC residency for tuition purposes by the start of their second year.) Students are required to carry health insurance; the University offers a student health insurance policy for a modest fee (currently ~$330 per semester).

Masters Program Graduate Tuition Waived! Contact Dr. Markus Etzkorn for details

Additional support is available for summer teaching or research ($1,800 minimum).

For returning students, the Chemistry Department also sponsors the Thomas D. Walsh Graduate Research Fellowship competition to recognize outstanding graduate research. This is the most prestigious student award in our department, and consists of a research assistantship (currently $15,500 for nine months) and tuition support.