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Michael Walter Presents Juice It Up! The Earth-Abundant Approach to Converting Sunlight into Usable Energy

UNC Charlotte Science Festival Offers Faculty Talks, Films to Showcase Research


As part of the NC Science Festival series of events, talks are scheduled featuring UNC Charlotte faculty members (including some from CLAS), to show the impact of their research. The talks in the Faculty Lecture Series are meant to give their audiences clear and intimate views of some intriguing current university research activities. Members of the college community, including students, are encouraged to attend.

More about the UNC Charlotte Science Festical can be found at the festival website,

  • Thursday, April 3, 7 PM, Room 105, Bioinformatics Building. Michael Walter, assistant professor of chemistry, presenting Juice It Up! The Earth-Abundant Approach to Converting Sunlight into Usable Energy, concerning his work in using organic molecules, including some commonly found in fruits, to design highly efficient solar cells.


Prof. Douglas B. Grotjahn (San Diego State University)
April 28, 2014 - 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Chemistry Seminars